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Digital transformation is only as sustainable as the trust its users have in it.   That’s why cyber security is now at the front and centre of technological advance.   We'll find a place for your skills where you can protect the digital future for everyone.


Cyber security - a growth industry

Digital now impacts on every aspect of our business and personal lives, driving demand for access to data and networks, wherever and whenever we want them. The benefits, however, are matched by risks: the cyber world is an increasingly attractive environment for criminals, hackers and other malicious agents. Organised crime and state-sponsored cyber attacks are now part of the mix.

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DarkMatter Offerings

Where dreams meet expertise

With the agility of a start-up combined with the mature knowledge base of an established company, DarkMatter is ideally placed to build new cyber defences and manage digital risk. Expect fast-paced challenges and plenty of opportunities to innovate as part of our elite global team.

Future cyber threats can come from anywhere. So can our solutions

At DarkMatter, our experts are defined not only by their cybersecurity competence but also by their industry and field experience. That means you'll work across teams, geographies and industries to provide holistic and integrated cybersecurity protection services to clients.

It's about what you know now - and what we can imagine together

It takes expertise and experience from many different fields to stay one step ahead of cyber threats. That's why we employ designers, engineers, academics and hackers with real-world knowledge of key regional sectors, including government, energy, banking and financial services, telecommunications and critical infrastructure. Joining our global team of experts, you'll contribute to the delivery of advanced, next-generation solutions for resilience and effective risk management.

Dreams come true:

The world’s most secure smartphone

At DarkMatter, you’ll do more than offer strategic advice to clients. You’ll have the opportunity to develop secure products for them too. KATIM Phone is the first of many products that fulfill our promise of end-to-end cyber security solutions. Built to address the prevalence of security breaches via mobile devices, KATIM was developed by DarkMatter in just 12 months, showcasing a working method that brings new ideas to market at speed.

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Focused on the future? So are we. Let's dream big together.
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Founded in 2014, DarkMatter was born mature thanks to
its investment in people with experience and expertise. 

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