Reviewing Candidates

One of your key responsibilities as a Hiring Manager is to review the candidates presented to you by the Talent Acquisition team and approve them for continuation in the interview process.   Every effort is made to screen out unsuitable candidates before you review them but the team will ask for your review if they are unsure so we don't risk eliminating good people too early.

As we get to understand your requirements better the quality of candidates for your review will improve.  You can help us by leaving comment/feedback if you have time. 

To find the candidates at Hiring Manager review log into Greenhouse and look at your Dashboard -


If you cannot see the Applications to Review section you may need to customise your Dashboard.

Either look for the following icon on the bottom left of your Dashboard or follow this link -


From here add the Application to Review to your Dashboard (you can also remove any unwanted sections) by simple ticking/unticking and then saving.


When you are ready to review candidates click on Hiring Manager Review (x) for the appropriate vacancy.  The number in parenthesis is the number of candidates for you to go through.

You will then be presented with a snapshot of the candidate's application including their cover letter and CV.  Original documents are available for your review and where appropriate you will be able to see details of any previous applications they have made.


To approve or reject use the simple buttons on the right-hand side. We would encourage you not to skip applications, if you are undecided on suitable it usually means they are unsuitable.  Don't be afraid to reject them, we will keep looking for more candidates on your behalf.

If you wish to leave more details feedback then there is the "leave feedback" button as well.  Feedback will help the recruiters to narrow the search on your behalf.

Recruiters are automatically informed of your decision and will begin scheduling interviews from here.


There is a secondary way to find the Application to Review, however, we urge caution in doing this. From the Job Dashboard and opposed to your Dashboard you will be provided with a snapshot of all the activity for a given role.  This includes the option to review applications on the right hand site.

In this instance please note the top Application Review button (in this case 6 candidates) HAVE NOT been pre-screened by the Talent Acquisition team yet.  The green boxed Hiring Manager Re... are those that have been pre-screened.  Whilst you are welcome to review all applicants (and we would love you to help us to do that) we typically reject 85% of applicants before you see them. 

If you are interested in facts and figures in a typical quarter the company will receive over 6,000 applications across all its live roles. That means the Talent Acquisition team reviews/reads and rejects 5,100 candidates before you even see them!