How does recruitment work?

Introduction to the recruitment policy

Our recruitment policy formally sets out how we go about recruitment and our expectations as to how the process is conducted and the standards we apply.  Suffice to say that [include some description of the overall process here highlighting any key rules].

This playbook is not designed to replace or override the company recruitment policy.  Instead think of it as a practical guide on how to apply the policy, it’s here to make sure both you and the applicant get the most out of your interaction and that we, as a company, continue to hire great people.

Why do we have a playbook?

The cliché of a "war for talent" is often over-used but there are elements of truth in it.  The reality is that the availability of candidates varies massively depending on the role we are looking to fill.  Highly specialist roles in cyber-security and digital transformation are globally in demand and scarce in availability particularly across the Middle East.

Relatively "common" technical skills and roles (Software Engineers) may have higher availability when considering recruitment for our offices in Canada and Finland, but we also face increased competition in these markets.

[can we find an infographic or link to some research that supports this]

Most important to remember is the outstandingly talented individuals are always in demand no matter what skills they have

This makes it essential that we provide a high level of candidate experience as we take them through our hiring process - even if they aren’t successful. Our aim is that every candidate who interviews with DarkMatter acts as an advocate for the company.  Whether that is recommending us to friends and colleagues, sharing and following us on social media or even leaving feedback and reviews on sites such as Glassdoor.

How do we do this?  By making our process seamless with as few delays as possible all the while ensuring our candidates go away feeling a thorough and fair assessment of their skills and ability has been made.

Don't worry though, the Talent Acquisition team is here to guide you through the minefield of recruiting great talent, and this playbook will provide you with practical help and advice along the way.