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The speed of innovation. The breadth of our services. The chance to work with recognised world leaders. The encouragement to explore new disciplines and specialisations. All of these things are great foundations for a long-term career with DarkMatter. But we also offer excellent rewards and benefits.

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Test your abilities, build skills, and expand your experience designing for ‘impossible’, next-generation projects. A commitment to continuous learning is essential in our fast-evolving industry.  We'll invest in your talent and continue to enhance it through ongoing training, on-the-job learning assignments and mentorship by our senior and mid-level staff.

How does our Associate Talent Program work?

  • What sets us apart is our holistic view of digitization and cybersecurity. We take a first principle approach to our problem solving and strive to provide our clients with the most efficient combination of bespoke solutions that capture their distinct operating environments with models that can be deployed and scaled rapidly.
  • Our Associate Talent Program takes the same holistic approach - after a thorough induction to DarkMatter as a business you will have the opportunity to work in each of our major business units giving you a unique overview of how our products are services fit together as well as the chance to form an idea of where you would see your future careers.
  • After all, how can you become a great Security Software Engineer if you haven't seen what's happening on the front lines in our Security Operations Centre?
  • Every step of the way a professional mentor will support you, with access to world-class learning opportunities both online and in the classroom while the whole time you are working alongside teams who are tackling real-world projects for our clients.
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How will my mentors help me?

  • Transitioning from studying into full-time work can be a stressful experience.  We want to make sure that you can make this move as smoothly as possible.   When you join our Associate Talent Program, you will be assigned to work with both professional and personal mentors to support you in your development.
  • Emirati Programme Mentor, Saeed O Basweidan - your experienced mentor will be on hand to support your development during the programme.  Whether you have questions around career paths, working in the private sector or a multi-cultural environment, they are there to share and guide you every step of the way.
  • International Technical Mentors - we have assembled a team of over 600 highly skilled professionals from the cybersecurity and digital transformations worlds.  During the programme, you will have unprecedented access to the top minds in the industry and your technical mentor will be on hand so you can leverage their experience to develop your technical and practical skills.
  • Our mentors will help you plan, prioritize and access the full range of learning opportunities that we can offer you, ensuring you are making the most of your time and the extensive resources we will make available to you.

How will I continue to learn and develop professionally?

  • The progress of technology continues at a breakneck pace with estimates that as much as 90% of the skills required for the future do not exist today.  The rampant proliferation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are great examples. Change drives our continual commitment to up-skill and re-skill our employees for the future.
  • Combining your drive for self-development and our desire to develop our employees we offer access to a wide range of learning opportunities.  Your mentors will guide you to access the right combination of online courses, classroom lessons, formal qualifications and professional conferences to ensure your skills remain up to date for whatever the future brings.
  • Working with over 650 of the brightest minds in technology, participation in real-world projects and our belief that "impossible is just the beginning" and we will make sure you are on the path to success.
  • No matter how you prefer to learn or where your career takes you, we are here to support you.
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What makes the Associate Talent Program so unique?

  • We designed our program with technology professionals in mind.  This isn't a general graduate development program that aims to place you into a support department or fast-track management scheme.  We recognize your passion for technology and the commitment you have made to study so far and have built our program to support your desire for a career in the industry you love
  • We exist to enable businesses and governments to become smart, safe, and cyber-resilient. As an end-to-end provider of smart and safe digital transformation, we are uniquely positioned to provide organizations with the strategy, technology, and operating model to achieve business continuity amidst adverse and continually evolving cyber threats. Our strength lies in the diversity of our practices and participating in our Associate Talent Program you will gain exposure to all of them
  • We are trusted at the highest levels by the countries leaders and business heads to transform and secure their organizations. The range of projects we work on is truly unprecedented, touching upon the daily lives of both citizens and leaders alike.  Our Associate Talent Program focuses on providing you with practical and technical skills required to make a meaningful contribution to the technological development of the nation
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What is like to work at DarkMatter? Hear what our employees think...


Why work for DarkMatter?

dollar.png Competitive Total Rewards

A comprehensive total rewards package consisting of competitive salary, education and flight allowances for spouse and up to three children.

learning.png Unprecedented learning

Great minds need feeding; all DarkMatter employees have access to almost unlimited continual learning, traditional courses, and certification support. All support by experience technical mentors.

multicultural-people-filled.png Amazing coworkers

We've assembled a proven leadership team, and an all-star troop of employees who are passionate about shaping the future of cyber and digital technology.  Your mentors and peers number over 650 of the brightest minds in our industry.

career.png Dedicated Career Paths

Dedicated career paths for all roles, covering technical and management careers options supported by individual learning and development plans.

UAE_National.png Experienced Emirati Mentor

An experience Emirati mentor to support you in your personal and professional growth and guide you on integrating into a globally minded high technology company.

multicultural-people-filled.png A global mindset

Our multicultural, workforce makes for a rich diversity of perspectives that fuels creativity. Our people speak many languages – from ‘Code’ to Croatian. 

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What careers roles are open to you?

Cyber or  Engineering