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Not a silicon valley dream. Your dream.

Our operation spans Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the UAE to Canada and, Finland.



DarkMatter is an international business with a global vision.

Wherever you work, you’ll be part of the same dynamic, growing, innovative business that turns dreams into technological reality. Our culturally diverse teams create a friendly, fast-paced and energetic atmosphere, where people challenge each other, push boundaries and fire each other’s imaginations.



2 Robert Speck Parkway, Suite 1610, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L4Z1H8

Founded in April 2015, DarkMatter Canada employs more than 30 professionals,based in the iconic MEC 2 building, part of the dynamic Square One area of Mississauga. Covering back-end, front-end and quality assurance, we employ some of the industry’s brightest minds, including some champion table-tennis players! It’s the ideal place to hone your coding and technical expertise.


Zeline 1 Oy, a subsidiary of DarkMatter LLC (UAE), Elektroniikkatie 8, 90590 Oulu FINLAND

Founded in September 2016, DarkMatter Finland is dedicated to making the most secure phones in the world. Our specialist team of 14 professionals has 250 years’ experience of the mobile telecoms industry between them, including product concepts and innovation, technology scouting and implementation, sourcing, industrial design, HW, mechanics and antenna development. We also have product management and marketing expertise, and UI/UX design capabilities.

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Everyone comes to DarkMatter with their own dreams.
Find out what makes our people tick.

Our culture

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It takes a global mindset to tackle global threats to digital security.
We employ talented people from all over the world.

Our people


1) We are the first full-service cyber-security company in the Middle East.

2) Because we are new company, you can create products and services from a blank sheet of paper, rather than building on legacy systems.

3) We believe in succeeding at things other people have decided are impossible.

4) You’ll see the results of what you do applied to real-world problems.

5) You’ll work alongside the brightest and the best in your field.

6) You’ll work as part of a team to get things done, rather than duplicating the effort of others and competing with them to solve the same problems.

At DarkMatter we beleive in letting our employees speak for themselves!

DarkMatter is a fast-growing, fast-changing company. It can be challenging for people who need order and certainty but it’s thrilling for those who seek variety and novelty. Those who succeed tend to display courage, determination, resilience and curiosity.
• We attract tier-one global talent. Every DarkMatter employee, from engineers to vice presidents, has demonstrated sustained innovation, excellence and impact in their work. • DarkMatter is the only cyber security company in the Middle East region, and one of an elite few globally to offer an end-to-end portfolio of solutions ranging from advisory and infrastructure provision, through to intellectual property and end-user devices. • We engage the highest calibre of cyber-security experts, who have undergone exhaustive vetting by governments and large corporations, and so are trusted implicitly by our clients.
We aim to create a workplace that is efficient, effective, and open to knowledge transfer. In 2018 alone DarkMatter staff covered nearly 750,000 km for professional development whilst attending 190 training events. We offer ongoing programmes of training and professional learning alongside on-the-job learning assignments, mentored by our senior and mid-level staff.