VP of CyberSecurity Labs


Cloud Security Engineer

Mississauga Ontario Canada Mississauga, Ontario, Canada Secure Communications Secure Communications
At DarkMatter, we are building an organization of specialists to provide the ultimate integrated cyber security protection available. Whatever the scope, scale or sensitivity of our clients’ work, we'll assess their risks, resolve their vulnerabil...

Senior Assessment Specialist

Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Beacon Red Beacon Red
At DarkMatter, we are building an organisation of specialists to provide the ultimate integrated cyber security protection available. Whatever the scope, scale or sensitivity of our clients’ work, we'll assess their risks, resolve their vulnerabil...

VP of CyberSecurity Labs

Abu Dhabi | United Arab Emirates

Your visionary dreams will steer the development of tomorrow’s cyber security technologies. As Head of Cyber Security Labs, you’ll oversee the creation of a brand new facility, the first of it's kind in the region.

As Head of Cyber Testing Lab, you will:

  • Lead and be responsible for the overall vision, management and technical operation of our research, test and validation labs.
  • Nurture the client base and build a positive working relationships through the identification, execution, and delivery of research and evaluation work.
  • Supervise the development of research and evaluation plans, and schedule vulnerability research and private bounty development and findings.
  • Ensure lab analysts, processes, tools and technology meet and exceed all relevant international standards and that test/validation activities are in accordance with all applicable standards and methodologies.
  • Enjoy all the cultural, educational and travel opportunities that Abu Dhabi offers

Your personal dream could be the world’s reality

At DarkMatter we believe that “impossible is only the beginning.” That’s why we empower our employees to create, not just their future at our company, but also the future of cyber security around the world. As a member of our growing team, you’ll take your vision and use your creativity to produce the technology solutions of tomorrow. With the agility of a startup and the talent of an experienced firm, we’ll connect you with like-minded colleagues ready to create what’s next in the field. When the only constant in tech is change, shift your focus to the UAE and lead the next development at DarkMatter.

To bring your dream to life, you’ll need:

  • PhD or Master’s degree qualified in either a Security, Computer Science or Information Technology.
  • 10+ years of experience in a Testing & Validation lab environment.
  • Extensive research experience, with great commercial and people management skills and instincts, and a personal curiosity in all things InfoSec.
  • A desire to innovate in the UAE

About DarkMatter

The impossible is just the beginning at DarkMatter. An agile startup with a global mindset, we’re innovating for our clients and securing them from tomorrow’s threats today. We work across teams, geographies and industries to provide holistic, secure, trusted and integrated protection services in areas such as:

  • Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • Cyber Network Defense
  • Managed Security Services
  • Secure Communications
  • Infrastructure & System Integration
  • Public Key Infrastructure
  • Test & Validation Labs
  • Cryptography

We created KATIM, the world’s most secure smart phone and communications suite, and we’re looking ahead to what comes next. Our rapidly developing digital reality demands we look at and implement cyber security in a different way than we have in the past, and we are at the forefront of this “sea” change.

Our people define us. They are talented adventurers who are shaping the tech landscape from Abu Dhabi with their considerable expertise and experience. For them, DarkMatter is a place where they can make their cyber security dreams come true. We embrace and foster the entrepreneurial spirit that propels our people and our company forward. Our industry is ever evolving, and so are we.

Working in Abu Dhabi

Just off the Arab Gulf and right at the edge of your imagination, is a place where geniuses make their cyber security dreams come true.

At DarkMatter, we’re turning our biggest ideas into reality in the fastest moving and most dynamic city on the planet. Working here, you’ll lead technical innovation in the region while taking advantage of all Abu Dhabi has to offer. From first class healthcare and education, to superior living accommodations and cultural attractions, you’ll find your ideal career and more in this global crossroads. The UAE is one of the safest and most secure areas in the world. And with its location between Europe, Africa and Asia, you’ll expand your worldview in just a short flight. But you won’t have to venture far from the city to experience its diversity. You’ll find people of over 50 nationalities working at DarkMatter. Join us and see that while far away from the concrete tech jungle, Abu Dhabi is an oasis where your latest innovations will thrive and grow.

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At DarkMatter, you’ll find a fast-paced environment where you can shape our product roadmap. We’re a young company with the agility of a startup, but the experienced talent and resources of an established firm. With a sense of adventure and drive to succeed, you can make your dreams a reality in the Middle East.

A hub for innovation

  • The Middle East is one of the fastest moving economic regions on the planet and the UAE plays a largerole in this growth. In 2014, the government launched its National Innovation Strategy, which aims to transform the UAE into one of the world’s most innovative countries through a seven-sector plan.
  • The plan includes creating innovation incubators and technological infrastructure and supporting the private sector in building research centres, innovation communities and more. 
  • Additionally, the UAE Vision 2021 National Agenda aims to shift the nation to a knowledge-based economy. Smart cities such as Dubai and the technologies they employ are examples of how the UAE has set these goals in motion.
  • This connectivity and investment in innovation can lead to exciting career opportunities for you in an expanding economy.

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