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Job Title:

Director of Cyber Advisory Services ( CISO)


Country: United Arab Emirates

Department: Governance Risk & Compliance




The cyber security landscape continues to expand. Threats are more prominent and sophisticated. Regulations continue to evolve and multiply. The dynamics of these forces can be overwhelming to any company.

From the CEO and Board to the CISO and CIO, we speak our clients' language.

We help governments, enterprises and critical infrastructure operators navigate the intersection of cyber security and business processes. Our 360-view across the cyber security environment means we advise on everything from strategy and planning to compliance, architecture design, procurement and implementation.

Director of Cyber Advisory Services ( CISO)

Abu Dhabi | United Arab Emirates

The purpose of this job is to ensure that our Client executive management can detect and respond to incidents in a timely manner, support the establishment of appropriate policies, standards and controls, ensure that the Client is enabled to take over and manage the influx of new (as well as already in place) security technologies, and support the Client with ongoing recommendations to improve the implementation of all cyber-related projects.  

As a Director of Cyber Advisory services (CISO), you will handle: 

  • Information risk management, including threat and vulnerability management
  • SOC oversight and incident detection, response and recovery
  • Cybersecurity program definition and management
  • Identity and access management
  • Information privacy
  • Information regulatory compliance
  • Information security and information assurance
  • Information technology controls for systems/applications, particular focus on system “T”
  • IT investigations, digital forensics, eDiscovery
  • Security architecture

To bring your dream to life, you’ll need:

  • Establish themselves as a trusted advisor to our Client executive management
  • Support our Client in reviewing and approving security policies, controls and cyber incident response planning
  • Work with our client executives to utilize knowledge to identification of risks and actionable plans to protect the business operations of the client. 
  • Support the our Client executive management to direct and approve the DarkMatter and other vendor designs for new infrastructure and technologies, particularly for the security systems and addressing on-plan and on-time the recommendations stemming from our engagement
  • Advise our Client on the validity of the project change requests and ensure that these align to the clients strategy and needs
  • Support our Client with approving or improving the policies, processes and procedures
  • Support our Client with identifying the optimum IT/IS staffing requirements for now and future and also support them with preparing their business for upcoming changes
  • Support our Client by involvement in periodic security audits
  • Support our Client to oversee identity and access management
  • Support our Client with updating/enhancing the cyber security strategy and agenda to leverage new technology and threat information and to support deploying these in a timely manner
  • Support our Client with information in order to enable them to communicate best practices and risks to all parts of the business, outside IT. 



Working in Abu Dhabi

Just off the Arab Gulf and right at the edge of your imagination, is a place where geniuses make their cyber security dreams come true.

At DarkMatter, we are turning our biggest ideas into reality in the fastest moving and most dynamic city on the planet. Working here, you will lead technical innovation in the region while taking advantage of all Abu Dhabi has to offer. From first class healthcare and education, to superior living accommodations and cultural attractions, you will find your ideal career and more in this global crossroads. The UAE is one of the safest and most secure areas in the world. And with its location between Europe, Africa and Asia, you’ll expand your worldview in just a short flight. But you won’t have to venture far from the city to experience its diversity. You will find people of over 50 nationalities working at DarkMatter. Join us and see that while far away from the concrete tech jungle, Abu Dhabi is an oasis where your latest innovations will thrive and grow.

About DarkMatter

The impossible is just the beginning at DarkMatter. An agile startup with a global mindset, we’re innovating for our clients and securing them from tomorrow’s threats today. We work across teams, geographies and industries to provide holistic, secure, trusted and integrated protection services in areas such as:

  • Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • Cyber Network Defense
  • Managed Security Services
  • Secure Communications
  • Infrastructure & System Integration
  • Public Key Infrastructure
  • Test & Validation Labs
  • Advanced Research
  • Cryptography

Our people define us. They are talented adventurers who are shaping the tech landscape from with their considerable expertise and experience. For them, DarkMatter is a place where they can make their cyber security dreams come true. We embrace and foster the entrepreneurial spirit that propels our people and our company forward. Our industry is ever evolving, and so are we

Meet Your Dream Colleague

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