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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about our recruitment process or the benefits package in different countries - or just want to know more about what it's like to work for DarkMatter, you'll find the answers here.


Making your application

Yes, if you apply for a role your résumé will be stored in our database and will be available to Human Resources to consider against alternative vacancies. If you wish to have your application/personal data deleted, please contact us in (Please note: we do not accept job applications at this email address.)
If you meet all qualifications for the role and are considered to be one of the strongest candidates, we will contact you to coordinate the next steps in the selection process. Due to the volume of résumés received, we are not able to respond to all who apply.
The interview process is an opportunity for us to get to know you and for you to get to know us. Once we receive your application, we'll review your experience and competencies and, if relevant, we’ll ask you to complete our cultural assessment. If we think you are good match for DarkMatter you will be invited to an initial telephone interview with one of our Talent Acquisition Specialists. After this, processes vary according to the role. You may be asked to sit a technical test or take part in a technical/functional interview over the phone or in person, before moving on to the final stage of speaking to your future line manager or the head of the department you will work in.
It varies according to the business unit, but usually takes four to six weeks from first contact to job offer.
After applying for a job with DarkMatter you should receive an email confirming that your application has been received. Remember to check your junk email or spam folder. If, after 48 hours, you have not received a confirmation email, first check that the email address that you used for the application process was the correct one. If you are still experiencing issues, please email us on (Please note: we do not accept job applications at this email address.)
If you are having technical difficulties with your application, please email details to (Please note: we do not accept job applications at this email address.)
This means there are no available positions matching your search criteria. Broaden your search criteria, or set up for job alerts to automatically notify you of any suitable new roles.
We encourage you to use our online application process. If you are using assistive technologies, please email us on and we will advise you what to do next.
Positions that are posted on the DarkMatter careers site are part of our electronic recruiting process. We do not accept job applications by email or in person.


1) We are the first full-service cyber-security company in the Middle East.

2) Because we are new company, you can create products and services from a blank sheet of paper, rather than building on legacy systems.

3) We believe in succeeding at things other people have decided are impossible.

4) You’ll see the results of what you do applied to real-world problems.

5) You’ll work alongside the brightest and the best in your field.

6) You’ll work as part of a team to get things done, rather than duplicating the effort of others and competing with them to solve the same problems.

At DarkMatter we beleive in letting our employees speak for themselves!

DarkMatter is a fast-growing, fast-changing company. It can be challenging for people who need order and certainty but it’s thrilling for those who seek variety and novelty. Those who succeed tend to display courage, determination, resilience and curiosity.
• We attract tier-one global talent. Every DarkMatter employee, from engineers to vice presidents, has demonstrated sustained innovation, excellence and impact in their work. • DarkMatter is the only cyber security company in the Middle East region, and one of an elite few globally to offer an end-to-end portfolio of solutions ranging from advisory and infrastructure provision, through to intellectual property and end-user devices. • We engage the highest calibre of cyber-security experts, who have undergone exhaustive vetting by governments and large corporations, and so are trusted implicitly by our clients.
We aim to create a workplace that is efficient, effective, and open to knowledge transfer. In 2018 alone DarkMatter staff covered nearly 750,000 km for professional development whilst attending 190 training events. We offer ongoing programmes of training and professional learning alongside on-the-job learning assignments, mentored by our senior and mid-level staff.


Tax-free salary (subject to your home country’s tax regulations)

Housing, transportation and education allowances

Relocation assistance, including complimentary temporary accommodation and assistance with moving expenses

Comprehensive healthcare, vision and dental health insurance coverage

Generous employee referral scheme

Annual home-leave tickets for overseas hires

Paid sick leave

Paid holiday

Rewards for innovation and other contributions to the business

Health benefits (dental, medical, vision, life, short-term disability, long-term disability)

Paid vacation

Rewards for innovation and other contributions to the business

Holiday bonus of roughly 50% of the monthly salary. Also called “lomaraha” it is paid out twice a year

In March, one week’s winter holiday and in June four weeks’ summer holiday adding up to 30 days or holiday per year.

Mobile phone (handset and service) within Finnish tax legislation (reasonable usage expected up to a maximum of EUR50 per month)

Cultural and physical exercise subsidy, up to the value of EUR40 per month

Lunch subsidy, according the maximum amount set by Finnish Tax legislation (up to EUR100 per month)

Protect the digital future for everyone with DarkMatter.


What we do

Not just the UAE - Canada and Finland - a global vision, a world of opportunity.


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What We Look For

We look for dreamers and doers: people with the courage to challenge the impossible. 

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