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What's your dream?

From PhDs from the world’s top technology universities to respected experts who started out as hackers...  Everyone comes to DarkMatter with their own dreams. Find out makes our people tick.


The impossible dream

Mathematician, cryptographer, systems engineer, data analyst...

We are all adventurers at DarkMatter. We're ready to push the boundaries, take on the seemingly impossible and find a way through.

It's a matter of confidence but also of shared expertise. Our people have traveled far and wide to join us and already chalked up significant achievements.

Each of us arrived with a deep understanding of technology and a real desire to innovate further.

We know the challenges of cybersecurity can only get tougher.

That's why we're here.

John Rose: Lead Architect,
Cyber Architecture & Engineering

Axel Poschmann: Director Hardware Lab, Xen1th Labs

Florian Caullery: Lead Cryptographer, Cryptography

Jose Carrera: Director Risk Assessments, Cyber Advisory

Marcos Manzano: Lead Cryptography Engineer, Xen1th Labs

Ross Haugh: BackEnd Engineer, Engineering

Taha Karim: Lead Security Researcher, Cyber Services

Virpi Juusola: Product Management Director, Secure Communications

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