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Digital transformation is only as sustainable as the trust its users have in it.   That’s why cybersecurity is now at the front and centre of technological advance.   We'll find a place for your skills where you can transform  the digital future for everyone.


Client Centric Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation aims to help organizations harness advanced technologies in smart, secure, and effective ways in pursuit of operational excellence. We work with our clients to deliver profound and safe digital transformations providing better results and services to their communities and customers.

Joining our digital transformation practice will make you part of a dynamic and multi-disciplinary team combining clients, DigitalX1 members, and strategic partners to deliver tangible impact to improve our customer's organization fundamentally. Using design thinking and agile development, applied technologies, software engineering, cybersecurity, and digital talent development, to provide our clients with the digital tools, capabilities, and solutions to improve their ways of doing business, better understand their clients, and how they make decisions in order to achieve better results more productively and safely.

You'll join the regions the brightest digital talent to tackle the most challenging tasks facing our clients; whether a government agency aiming to improve citizen journeys, and leverage analytics to make more effective fact-based policies, or a private sector company seeking to improve productivity and accelerate creative product development.

Understand some key digital roles:

engineering.png Full Stack Engineer

Job Description

As a Full Stack Engineer, you shape, and you drive. Wielding cutting edge technology, methods and practices you design, build, test and deploy market-leading products and applications.  You and your engineering cohort deliver new products, applications, and features and drive forward our existing products to better serve our clients wants and needs.  You are a core part of a cross-discipline agile feature team, bringing to bare your profound experience of engineering and cybersecurity. You are an exemplar of software engineering practices and skills.

Why it's cool

  • "You're the Leonardo Da Vinci of the software engineers - part mathematician, sculptor, architect, inventor, engineer, and painter."
  • "You can build an app from scratch and get it up and running; you'll be able to build a good looking front-end, spin up a server and deploy it for people to use."

How It Makes a Difference

  • "You're the go-to guru for the team,  making building software much easier as you understand how everything works from top to bottom and can anticipate problems accordingly."

integration.png Product Owner

Job Description

You are a Product Owner; you shape and drive the creation of products, application, and features.  You and your agile feature team(s) will launch cutting edge products and applications, spearhead new initiatives, enhance our services to serve our existing clients and show others what they are missing.  You are the gatekeeper, guide, and navigator of a cross-discipline agile feature team, bringing to bare your profound experience of Product Ownership. You are an exemplar of Agile practices, skills, and mindset. Leading others through example, thought leadership and direct coaching and mentoring.

Why It’s Cool

  • "You're the one with the vision of what needs building, and you will work with the scrum team to move from MVP to handing the customer the best product possible."
  • "You'll take the lead in many areas of product development. One day you may be accessing your deep well of market knowledge to strategize and present their vision to stakeholders. Another day you will roll up your sleeves to help the team meet their goals during a sprint."

How It Makes a Difference

  • "At a fundamental level, you are responsible for maximizing the value of the products created by a scrum development team for the client."


bigdata.png Data Scientist

Job Description

As a Data Scientist, you will develop data-driven approaches and infrastructure that informs and accelerates product design and product development working with cross-functional teams to gather, wrangle, cleanse, structure, and build models to test the effectiveness of different courses of action.  You will work with large data sets and machine learning to turn data into actionable insights, inspiring those around you to be obsessed with the data and stories it tells.

Why It’s Cool

  • “You're at the forefront of technology - deploying complex analytics solutions and developing machine learning models."

How It Makes a Difference

  • "Your solutions can tell a client in real time ‘What happened?’, ‘Why did it happen?’, ‘Will it happen again?’ and ‘What to do if it happens again?"

integration.png UX Specialist

Job Description

As a User Experience Specialist, you will be creating and communicating designs for our products.  You will combine the ability to empathize with users, a deep understanding of user-centered design and an appreciation for the technical limitations with great communications skills, problem-solving and unbridled creativity to deliver extraordinary user experiences for our products.

Why It’s Cool

  • "Every day you go to work you're focussed on improving people's lives through the use of technology."

How It Makes a Difference

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