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Digital transformation is only as sustainable as the trust its users have in it.   That’s why cybersecurity is now at the front and centre of technological advance.   We'll find a place for your skills where you can protect  the digital future for everyone.


Are we losing the cyber arms race?

- Almost every week we hear about new threats, data compromises, and national level threat actors using their cyber skills to attack the information systems that control our governments, corporations, utilities, and cities.  Our love and rapid adoption of technology are not being matched by the ability of individuals, businesses, and governments to protect themselves.

Globally we face a shortage of people with the necessary technical and security skills required to make our systems safe, and our region, in particular, is suffering from critically short supply.  This is great news for graduates with an interest in technology, opening access to a wide variety of technically challenging jobs in a market of global demand.

With the cyber race showing no sign of slowing down now is the perfect time to consider a career in the challenging world of cybersecurity.  A range of challenging and rewarding careers are open to graduates with an interest in the fascinating area.

Understand some of our key cybersecurity roles:


Job Description

This analyst works in our Security Operations Centre and is entrusted with keeping an ever watchful eye on the cybersecurity of an organization, searching for indications of malicious activities and unusual behaviors. The job requires a comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity technologies, networking, hacking techniques, and investigative skills.

Why It’s Cool

  • “These Cyber Ninjas are the first line of defense that use strong analytical and critical skills to continuously monitor and actively protect the key security infrastructures for our high profile clients.”
  • “You fight cyber espionage at a global level, seeing first-hand the high stakes of both corporate and state-sponsored cyber espionage.”
  • “The cool part of this job is you are in the middle of the fight, neutralizing cybercriminals and others wishing to do harm or steal critical information.”

How It Makes a Difference

  • “You’re at the heart of the organization and play a critical role in detecting, investigating, responding, and recovering from cybersecurity incidents.”
  • "You're the one who keeps the organization secure. Proactively identifying security weaknesses and vulnerabilities to mitigate or remediate issues before they are exploited.”


Job Description

This expert finds security vulnerabilities in targeted computer systems, IT networks, and web applications to help companies and organizations improve their cybersecurity posture. You figure out the fine details of the business logic of applications, system, and networks, and find vulnerabilities that aren’t supposed to be there. By identifying exploitable flaws, and demonstrating how they can be abused, and fixed, you help organizations achieve a higher level of security.

Why It’s Cool

  • “You get to break things, legally, and develop a mindset where you’re rewarded by always challenging the status quo.”

  • “Being a good hacker is about applying an art on top of a foundation of science.”

  • “There are always new things to learn to become a better hacker, and you’ll never have a boring day.”

  • “It is very satisfying to develop a mindset few can grasp, and many can benefit from.”

How It Makes a Difference

  • “In your role, you will figure out ways to “hack” technology and identify what doesn’t work or what is not working as designed to protect data, people and services found in our day to day lives."
  • "You will have the creative freedom to automate your work, write scripts and take on challenging security problems with fresh ideas and new ways of thinking.  As a result of your efforts, you will advise on identified cyber risks, that result in stronger security technologies and awareness of risks.”
  • “You will find what looks like a small problem at first, then make an application, or security design do or allow something it’s not designed to,  expand that to a security vulnerability impacting the security posture in a big way. By sharing your findings back to the developers or designers, you help everyone arrive at a higher level of security awareness.”

labs.png Vulnerability Researcher

Job Description

This expert is responsible for making the absolute declaration that an application or the OS the organization is using or considering, is free from vulnerability exploits and is safe or unsafe. The role identifies weaknesses while developing Proof of Concept (PoC) code to validate the findings in commercial hardware, telecom, web and mobile devices and software applications.

Why It’s Cool

  • “This is a leading-edge lab research and development role, with a full array of powerful technologies to analyze and investigate technologies and validate if there are identifiable risks.

  • “If you find these risks you will get to message the size of risk, damage or impact of exploits possible and advise on how to fix these problems. You get to help prevent damage!”

How It Makes a Difference

  • “Your Research and Development will have a positive impact on the technologies used to keep companies, smart cities, IoT, and critical infrastructure safe from threat actors and attacks.”

  • “You will have the opportunity to share your research with the community, through publication, speaking and developing guidance on managing risks you have identified, giving back to the community while promoting cyber risks and raising awareness. “


Job Description

As Cyber Forensics Investigator you will analyze how intruders breached organizations IT environments and infrastructure. Investigating traces left by complex attacks requires a forensic expert who is not only proficient in forensic, response, and reverse engineering skills but who understands the latest exploit methodologies.

Why It’s Cool

  • “Solving the crime can be quite the thrill ride!" "
  • "Often you are working under pressure and against the clock, to identify and remove a threat actor who has infiltrated an organization for often some malicious purpose.  Surgically removing a threat actor, cutting off their access and disarming their tool suite is a rewarding job."
  • "The sense of satisfaction when you help an organization recover from their incident, you get to the true feeling of the quiet professional, but the organization will see you as their hero!”

How It Makes a Difference

  • “You are what stands between your organization and the hackers and malware out there on the Internet.”

  • “This is at its core is a job that provides nuts and bolts of technical security controls for enterprise clients. When things go wrong, you are the person that is called upon and asked for help.”

  • “Ultimately you make the threat actors cost of doing business go up significantly, slowing them down or outright stop, and allowing authorities to pursue legal action.”

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